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Tall Ship Model Display Case Wooden Medium 34 Table Top Cabinet Stand New

The Display Case is brand new and is fully assembled including the plexiglass (plexiglas). Inside dimensions are 32.75″ length x 11.5″ width x 28.75 height (83.2cm x 29.2cm x 73cm). The case is meant to display 32 overall length or smaller model tall ships, yachts, sailboats & boats. The sides of the case are curved […]

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Tall Ship Model Holland Frigate Friesland 37 Wooden Sailboat New

The task required skillful craftsmen hundreds of hours to accomplish. The model measures 37 long from bow to stern. Holland Frigate Friesland 37. A frigate, was a second rank vessel built around 1663, she was part of the great fleet of the United Provinces of Holland, which consisted of 1700 ships. She was outfitted with […]

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Tall Ship Wooden Model Esmeralda 100% Hand Built from Teak Rosewood Mahogany

L: 37 W: 12 H: 24.75 Inches. The hull is constructed using a plank on frame method, each strip of exotic wood are carefully join together to form a smooth hull. This model is completely hand built to spec by skillful and creative master craftsmen; you will be amazed at how real it looks. They […]

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Old 37 Tall Handmade Wooden Ship Craft San Felipe Exclusive Edition Model Boat

Welcome To Our Store. Was one of the most beautiful Spanish ships in the 1600s. It was powerful enough to go up against the most formidable ships in the French and British navies. In 1705, the San Felipe and 11 other Spanish ships waged a a furious and heroic battle against 35 British ships. After […]

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