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La Belle 1684 Scale 148 450mm 17.7 Full Ribs POF Wood Model Ship Kit Sailboat

For over three centuries the wreckage of La Belle lay forgotten until it was discovered by a team of state archaeologists in 1995. Full rib model kit.

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La Belle Poule 1780 172 670mm 26 Wooden Model Ship Kit

The hull size does not include the mast and other additional accessories. Five-tier French 12-pounder gun frigate. This product is a 3D modeling design. This kit is the first to create a lower appearance structure, and the upper layer is a full structure design. The inner and outer hulls are all fully exhibited hulls and […]

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La Belle 1684 Scale 1/48 450mm 17.7 Full Ribs Wood Model Ship Kit Sailboat

Length 450 mm 17.7. Width 188 mm 7.4. Height 388 mm 15.2. Full rib model kit. Metal Anchors2, brass cannons 6. NOTIC: THE ITEM WILL POST FROM CHINA. Your action will help us offer our milk and bread. I will do the same for you. I will do my best for my customers! Thanks for […]

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