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SHIPS FROM FLORIDA Tamiya RC KIT Grand Hauler 114 Semi Truck # 56344

From Sam in Tallahassee, this listing is for the. Tamiya RC KIT Grand Hauler 1:14 Semi Truck # 56344. Take control of your very own big rig – this R/C model assembly kit recreates a massive boxy, customized truck like those seen in North America. The model’s ladder frame chassis features aluminum side channels with […]

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Rc Ships And Rc Boats Of The Port Radio Control Rc Msk St Peter Badweiher Hock 2019 Part 2

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New Ships Submarine Kits Model Shipways USF Confederacy 1778 164 Ship kit MS2262

Aser cut basswood and walnut components, including port sills, lintels and uprights. We supply nearly 400 basswood and walnut strips, over 250 boxwood blocks (for cannon), deadeyes, and 300 eyebolts. Brass strips, tubes, nails and split rings cast metal ships wheel and anchors blackened wire and four diameters of rigging line. Twenty-eight cast Britannia 12-pounder […]

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New Ships Submarine Kits Model Shipways USS Constitution 48 Long Wood KIt MS2040

Plank-on-Bulkhead Kit, 48 Long, the best and most accurate USS Constitution available. Based on the 1927 Navy drawings, photographs and documentation used during the 1993-97 restoration. Features laser cut wooden parts. High quality basswood planking strips cover the hull and we include self-adhesive copper tape for hull plating. Britannia metal, brass and hardwood fittings and […]

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