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Crown 150 1304mm 51.3 INGERMANLAND 1715 Wooden Model Ship Kit

L 1304mm 51.3. H 1240 (include base) 49. Resin figurehead and carving pieces can be instead with boxwood carving pieces. Frame type canon window. Include mast, sail, ropes. Full size canon(65 mm CNC canons). Full detail on canon carriage. Captain room, officer room with parquet floor, and reserved space. Update new rudder and new hinge, […]

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Crown DIY Halcon chipper ship 148 750mm 30 Wooden Model Ship Kit

Body Length 500 mm. Body Width 130 mm. A4 DRAWING for rigging system detail (great for greenhand). Metal anchors, brass chains and CNC cannons. Fine pear wood pulley. Metal fittings also included. Included finish sail, compete sail. In the early 19th century in America were built many ships with similar hull lines. They were very […]

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Crown HMS VICTORY 1805 Scale 1/96 1032mm 40 Wood model ship kit

Length 1032 mm 40.6. Width 310 mm 12. Height 706 mm 27.8 (included mast part). NEW 3D DESIGN ALL Laser cutting wood plate. 104 CNC Brass Artillery (with gun head). PE PART INCLUDED IN KIT. Laser cutting pulley and deadeyes. Copper nail and other metal fittings. Instructions instruction, easily to read. 5 piece A0 DRAWING […]

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