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Ingermanland 1715 196 650mm 25.5 Wooden Model Ship Kit

This model is small size from 1/50 scale INGERMANLAND 1715 version 2015, which is very high quality model, but due that size is very big when it finish. Include mast, sail, ropes. So we design serialized this model to 1/96 for more people can enjoy this kit.

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PRO INGERMANLAND 1715 KL10 kits model ship wood ships wooden sets 2019 kit NEW

The New Ingermanland 1715. (Made in china) DIY product. Packing box size:50MM250MM220MM. Finished Size L:1304mmW:583MMH:1240mm. The goods are sent from China via DHL, UPS and EMS express companies. And generally it will not take so much time. Petersburg to begin work on the Ingermanland. Petersburg, followed by the re-built Moscow also of 64 guns, possibly […]

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Ingermanland 1715 Wooden Model Ship Kits

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INGERMANLAND 1715 wooden Model Ship Kits Scale 1/50 1304mm 51.3

The carving parts in the kit are resin ones, canvas included, so you can make the sail by yourself. L 1304mm 51.3. H 1240 (include base) 49. Resin figurehead and carving pieces can be instead with boxwood carving pieces. Frame type canon window. Combined type of rib. Frame type gun port. Combined type of the […]

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Ingermanland 1715 1/96 650mm 25.5 Wooden model ship kit

Length 650 mm 25.5. Width 306 mm 12. Height 560 (include base) 22. Rib grinding line which help you location where to sand. Fine Resin figurehead and carving pieces. Frame type canon window. Include mast, sail, ropes. Full size brass canon. 15 types pulley, totally 475. More detail on canon carriage. Small detail parts such […]

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INGERMANLAND Cross Section Scale 150 12 Wood Model Ship Kit DIY

Scale : 1/50 or 1/4. W:265MM 10.4. H:250MM 9.8. Full 3D Design with laser cut. Inside and outside with hull expansion (double hull). A5 PE Sheet 1. Resin lion figurehead packet 1. Rib grinding referense line. 65mm 6 ; 55mm6 ; 41mm2 total 14 pecs. Full detail gun windows. Wooden barrel packet (10barrels, include PE). […]

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