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SEACRAFT GALLERY Riva Aquarama Lamborghini Wooden Model Speed Boat Ship 90cm

Always ahead of its time, always exhibiting a style and quality beyond comparison, Riva triumphs at all the boat shows and on all the markets in the world. And Riva Lamborghini is a special edition and the fastest one among Riva boats built. This Riva Lamborghini model boat will be a charming nautical accent for […]

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Seacraft Gallery Handcrafted Wooden Model Ship Boat Black Pearl Pirate 75cm

When we choose to sail the Seven Seas, we often choose to do so in something grandiose and safe. However, for fans of the famous Pirates of the Caribbean movie series, you might want to take more risks. Its distinctive all-black look makes it stand out (during the day) and spends much of its time […]

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Seacraft Gallery Handcrafted Wooden Model Ship Boat Hms Victory 95cm Great Decor

Features of the model. Dimensions of the model are 95L x 20W x 78H cm 1:85 Scale. The model are fully assembled and ready for display (NOT a kit). Entirely hand built by using Individual wooden planks in hull construction. We use the high quality wood in constructing and ensuring the model will withstand climate […]

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