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Brand New POWERBLOCK Elite EXP Stage 2 Kit 50-70lbs (2020 Model) FREE SHIPPING

The Elite EXP Stage 2 Expansion Kit expands the Elite EXP 50 lb set to 70 lbs per hand. Adds 6 increments to Elite EXP Set. 70 lb set will now replace 22 pairs of dumbbells. Will ONLY work with Elite EXP Set (2020 model). The item “Brand New POWERBLOCK Elite EXP Stage 2 Kit […]

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Brand New P Bandai MG 1/100 Gundam Jesta Cannon Clear Color Fast Ship

From “Mobile Suit Gundam UC”, heavy equipment MS Jesta Cannon with large firearms appears in clear color! Thorough reproduction of additional weapons such as beam and cannon! The beam cannon and quadruple multi-launcher for mid-range support can adjust the angle, and can reproduce lively scenes. The beam rifle comes with removable equipment such as a […]

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Brand New PowerBlock Elite EXP Stage 3 Kit (2020 model) FREE SHIP

Expands PowerBlock EXP 70 lb Set to 90 lbs. Adds 6 additional increments to 70 lb set. Added increments achieved; 75, 77.5, 80, 85, 87.5, and 90 lbs. Only works with PowerBlock EXP set. Replaces an additional 990 Pounds of free weights. Pair (2) ships in 1 box. The item “Brand New PowerBlock Elite EXP […]

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Brand New Bandai MG 1/100 PSYCHO ZAKU Ver. Ka Gundam Thunderbolt Fast Ship

Brand New Bandai Master Grade 1/100 Scale MS-06R Zaku II High Mobility Type “Psycho Zaku”. Katoki Hajime’s thorough supervision Ver. Ka” series “Thunderbolt” from “High mobility type Zaku” Psycho-Zaku “appears! In addition to the huge thruster of overwhelming volume, a. Variety of weapons are attached, some arms come with multiple accessories etc. Reproduce without heavy […]

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Brand New, Detailed Model Ship Kit by Blue Jacket the America Yacht

After being launched in New York, in 1851, the yacht AMERICA crossed the Atlantic to challenge the entire fleet of England’s Royal Yacht Squadron. She won and was awarded a silver trophy that was to become known as the America’s Cup, the most cherished prize in the world of sailing. The America Yacht kit includes […]

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Brand new, exquisitely detailed Mantua Sergal wooden ship kit the Mercator

The barque Mercator lies at anchor in Ostend, Belgium. She was built in Scotland and launched in 1932. She participated in several races, winning the Oslo-Ostend race. She brought back two Moai (giant statues) from Easter Island. Her last trip was to Lisbon for the commemoration of the quincentenary of the death of infant Henry […]

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Brand new, electric RC capable Deans Marine model ship kit the Vospar Tobruk

The weapons fit are impressive for such a small craft, consisting of one DP 4 gun, four 40mm single bofors in powered mounting and 5 x 2 rocket flare launchers. To this end she carries a crew 0f 5 officers and 58 men. The “Tobruk” is fitted with lower power engines than the latter i, […]

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Brand new, RC Ready wooden model ship kit by Mantua the Anteo Tug Boat (743)

This is a faithful reproduction of a harbor tug built in large series in the years before World War II, they can recognize even if transformed into their essential superstructure, in the main commercial ports Italian. This kit features a double-planked on hull using two layers of limewood. It also boasts seven sheets of plans, […]

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Brand new Royal Louis wood ship model kit by Mamoli- $800

My husband bought the kit while he could still build models then my husband hands went bad and he can no longer work on them so must sell this very fine kit. The finished length is 43 inches. The Royal Louis was a 3-deck vessel with 120 guns. Its captain was a Squadron Admiral. It […]

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