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La Renommee 1744 S1-S4 Scale 1/48 1230 mm Admiralty model Wood model ship kit

Few frigates of the mid-1700s displayed the sleek lines and advanced features of la Renommée (pronounced: reh-noh-may´). Which was built in 1744 and carried eight pounders. La Renommée sailed both sides of the Atlantic under the French and British ensigns for almost 27 years. Body length: 950 mm. Body height 250 mm. Keel, rib, hull […]

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Regal, finely detailed wooden model ship kit by Euromodel La Renommee

H ere we have the beautiful Euro Model kit : ” La Ronommee ” an. 18th Century English Frigate! There were two ships alled “Renommee” built in France, one in the 17 Century and this one in the 18 Century. She was captured by the British Navy (HMS Dover) 27 September, 1747 and converted into […]

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