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Spanish Galley La Real Scale 1/64 41.7 1060 mm Wooden ship model kit

L 1060 MM 41.7. H 695 MM 27.3. CNC Brass Canons and guns include canon carrier. Include mast and sail, rigging. Keel and ribs use of 5MM thick high quality wooden plate. Outer keel is American black walnut wood. The first deck is 1.5mm 4mm wooden bars. Second boat hull use 0.6 mm4 teak. Deck […]

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Spanish San Felipe Tall Ship Wooden Model 19 Sailboat Built Boat New

This high quality, highly detailed, San Felipe model is Brand New, fully assembled and ready for display (not a kit). The sailboat model is built exactly to scale as the original San Felipe was with many details. The task required skillful craftsmen hundreds of hours to accomplish. The model measures 19 long from bow to […]

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Spanish ElCazador Treasure Ship Wooden Model 24 Boat Fully Assembled

The El Cazador, loaded with a vast treasury of freshly-minted silver and bound for the New World, is available as a FULLY ASSEMBLED model. Master craftsmen using historical photographs, drawings or original plans meticulously handcraft these highly detailed wood models from scratch. They are built to scale with high-grade wood such as: western red cedar, […]

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