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Schooner Polotsk PLUS 1/72 wooden kit ship model Master korabel MK0302P

The model is based on archival drawings, and is a copy of high quality. All parts are cut by laser, which gives improved accuracy. The frame body is made of self-leveling technology, and grinding in the necessary places is marked by means of laser engraving. Laser-engraved deck, also eliminates the laborious fitting of each rail, […]

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Schooner Bluenose II Wood Ship Model Sailboat 38 Fully Assembled Boat

This high quality, highly detailed, intermediate level, Schooner Bluenose II Model is Brand New, fully assembled and ready for display (not a kit). A moderate skill level is required to raise the masts and adjust the rigging. This Schooner Bluenose II Model was specially designed & built by the plank on bulkhead method (joining multiple […]

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