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Detailed, RC Model Ship Kit by Caldercraft the SS Talacre Coaster

The SS Talacre was a typical single hatch coaster that was used in the coal trade, the source of which was found by the hundreds around the coast of the U. In the golden era of steam. Designed for Point of Ayr Collieries by Crichton, Thompson & Co Ltd. Of London she was built by […]

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Detailed, New Wooden Model Ship Kit by Disar the Wooden Paddle Tug Vanguard

This replica kit features the Vanguard, which was completed in 1841 by Thomas Ellis. Its an earlier form of a wooden paddle tug with a heavily raked stem and tiller steering. The Tugs were used to tow sailing vessels in and out of the Tyne in North East England. They became a forerunner of the […]

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Detailed, New Wooden Model Ship Kit by Disar the Navio Rayo S. XVIII

It was built in Havana and ran aground in a storm in the Battle of Trafalgar. As was traditional for ships of the Royal Navy not named after a Saint, its second dedicatory name was San Pedro Apostol. The Navio Rayo S. XVIII kit is a traditional plank-on-frame construction. The kit includes factory laser pre-cut […]

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